Loveopolis Named LaunchVT Finalist

By: @JesseEps

Loveopolis is proud to announce we’ve been named 1 of 6 LaunchVT finalists!  Our team has been working tirelessly to build Loveopolis and make the first of it’s kind Social Relationship Manager (SRM).  We’re excited to show our work to the world and in just a couple of short months you’ll be able to use it for the first time!

A congratulations goes out to all of the LaunchVT Finalists!  Without your amazing ideas, LaunchVT wouldn’t be possible, so thank you and nice job!  To learn more about the finalists click their logos below or go to the BurlingtonFreePress.  Be sure to show your support and Like ‘em on Facebook, tweet about them on Twitter and +1 on google+.

As BTV based startup, it’s refreshing to be a part of a community that has so many great people and great ideas.  With all the companies that call Burlington, VT home and all the new startups that are laying roots in the Champlain Valley it’s an exciting time and the energy is contagious.  With initiatives like LaunchVT to help turn ideas into businesses, it’s going to inspire more young people to become entrepreneurs and build a better future for VT.

In addition to all the LaunchVT excitement, we’ve been busy onboarding two new “Loveopolites”.  Their skills and experience round out our team and put our company in a great position to move forward quickly and scale our business, both on the technology and business sides of the house.  Check out our two new additions WG and KB on our About Us page!


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LaunchVT Finalists


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