What’s Happening With Loveopolis?

By: @JesseEps - Founder @ Loveopolis

So what’s the deal with Loveopolis, are we launching or what? ? The answer is, absolutely YES!

The last few months for our team has been absolutely nuts to say the least.  My family sold our home in Burlington, VT and moved to Toronto, Canada, I got a new day job, we just bought our forever country home settled on a couple of acres outside of TO, my son is now 6 months old, my wife launched a blog (RethinkSimple.com), our CTO has a new day job, we’ve brought on a CCO – a creative mastermind who has revamped our UX/design top-to-bottom which we’re currently working tirelessly on implementing.

Wrapping things up and getting to launch has not been going as fast as we had envisioned, but we are moving forward and we are making progress.  We are 99% dev complete, working through the last kinks of our Messaging system and touching up the last of our design implementation.

A few months ago we made the decision to delay our launch until we’ve implemented the proper UX and design.  Not an easy decision for a startup who hasn’t even launched, but it was absolutely the right choice.  Sounds weird to be working through UX issues before we’ve even launched, but it’s going to be well worth the wait!  Below are a few sneak peek screenshots of what we’ve got in store as well as our startup video!

Startup Video

Intro Page



Thank you all for your patience!  We’re really looking forward to sharing Loveopolis with everyone!

To request an invite to our beta go to Loveopolis.com.


You Just Can’t Hurry Love

By: @JesseEps - Founder @ Loveopolis

Those who have been following us know that today is the day for our beta launch.  We’re sorry to tell you that we’re 2-3 days behind.  The team has been working around the clock and we’re just working out the last of the kinks.

Thank you for your patience!  We’re really looking forward to sharing Loveopolis with everyone!

To request an invite to our beta go to Loveopolis.com.

Profile Teaser – Loveopolis Launching Beta on July 8th!

By: @JesseEps - Founder @ Loveopolis

The team at Loveopolis has been hard at work building the most social and fun online dating site we can dream up!  We’re really excited to announce that after months of development, we’re launching our beta on July 8th!!!  For all of those who have been waiting for this day to come, below is a sneak peak of my Loveopolis Profile.

Loveopolis Profile Teaser - Jesse Epstein, Founder @ Loveopolis.comLoveopolis Teaser Profile

The great thing about Profile’s on Loveopolis is that they are fully customizable – meaning you, the user, controls everything.  We are seamlessly integrated with Facebook to allow you to quickly and easily create a robust Loveopolis Profile…and you choose which info you want to show and which info you want to hide.  You can also add to any of your info or simply overwrite it.

We believe your online dating profile should be an extension of you, and you should have the ability to express your individuality and uniqueness.  No one person is the same, so why should your dating profile look the same as everyone else?

To request an invite to our beta go to Loveopolis.com.

Loveopolis Named LaunchVT Finalist

By: @JesseEps

Loveopolis is proud to announce we’ve been named 1 of 6 LaunchVT finalists!  Our team has been working tirelessly to build Loveopolis and make the first of it’s kind Social Relationship Manager (SRM).  We’re excited to show our work to the world and in just a couple of short months you’ll be able to use it for the first time!

A congratulations goes out to all of the LaunchVT Finalists!  Without your amazing ideas, LaunchVT wouldn’t be possible, so thank you and nice job!  To learn more about the finalists click their logos below or go to the BurlingtonFreePress.  Be sure to show your support and Like ‘em on Facebook, tweet about them on Twitter and +1 on google+.

As BTV based startup, it’s refreshing to be a part of a community that has so many great people and great ideas.  With all the companies that call Burlington, VT home and all the new startups that are laying roots in the Champlain Valley it’s an exciting time and the energy is contagious.  With initiatives like LaunchVT to help turn ideas into businesses, it’s going to inspire more young people to become entrepreneurs and build a better future for VT.

In addition to all the LaunchVT excitement, we’ve been busy onboarding two new “Loveopolites”.  Their skills and experience round out our team and put our company in a great position to move forward quickly and scale our business, both on the technology and business sides of the house.  Check out our two new additions WG and KB on our About Us page!


Loveopolis            Toonuva

Gredio                              Filabot

Cash or Trade                        AdverCycle


LaunchVT Finalists


Request an invite to our private beta at Loveopolis.com

Loveopolis Logo

Loveopolis Featured in LaunchVT Promo Video

By: @JesseEps

Today LaunchVT published their Promo video featuring Loveopolis.

LaunchVT is a Business Pitch Competition where any young entrepreneur can enter, with any start-up idea.
To qualify, your company must be an early stage startup headquartered in Vermont.  To us this means you probably haven’t raised over $50K of investment, and probably don’t have more than $100K in annual revenue. We encourage you to apply even if you exceed these guidelines.  Our review panel will evaluate your application and determine whether or not you are an early stage start-up.

The team at Loveopolis encourages anyone who has a great idea to get their application together and apply to LaunchVT.  For Loveopolis, it’s not all about the competition, it’s about building a sustainable community for the future of Vermont.


Request an invite to our private beta at Loveopolis.com

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Loveopolis Sets Sights on LaunchVT

By: @JesseEps

Last night I attended the Kick-Off Party for the LaunchVT’s Business Pitch Competition, a Burlington, VT incubator aimed at helping local entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses.

I’m pleased to announce that Loveopolis will be entering the competition with it’s sights set high.  There are a lot of great ideas out there, not just in the tech space and it’s truly wonderful to see all the young entrepreneurs excited to share and build upon their ideas.  Our hats at Loveopolis go off to those at LaunchVTBYP and all of the Sponsors who are working around the clock to make this event a possibility. Whether Loveopolis walks away the winner or not, it will prove to be an invaluable experience and we will have met a lot of talented and kind people along the way.

Loveopolis strives to build a global brand while keeping local roots.  Should our vision come to fruition, we aim to hire and retain top talent within the Burlington, VT community.  There are so many young professionals in the Greater Burlington Area with the skills businesses need in order to grow.  It’s only going to become more attractive for startups and existing companies to tap into that pool of local talent with initiatives like LaunchVT.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Request an invite to our private beta at Loveopolis.com

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Facebook Meets Online Dating…Done Right!

By: @JesseEps

Loveopolis is built on the premise that your friends often know you just as well as you know yourself and getting their feedback on those matches you’re thinking of connecting with can be the difference in a long and happy relationship or a dating nightmare.  

We ask you to signup on Loveopolis using your Facebook account so that we can give you the most seamless and robust experience possible.  Let’s face it, no one needs to manage yet another online profile…and so by fully integrating with Facebook, we remove that headache.  Connecting with Facebook allows us to quickly and accurately analyze your basic info, interests, hobbies, likes, etc… so we can best match you with other users.  It also saves you hours of filling out 100′s of questions to complete your typical dating profile.  And let me be clear, we will never post any of your information to Facebook.  We believe in our user’s privacy and that belief will always be at the forefront of everything we do.

Sites like eHarmony require that you spend an enormous amount of time filling out their 400+ response questionnaire, for you to then be at the whim of some PhD’s research on what makes a “perfect” match.  Do you really think that they know you better than you and your best friends know yourself?  Sure, we truly believe data and statistics can uncover “real” correlations, but when upwards of 53% of online daters lie about their dating profile, how “real” can those results be?  How does that compare to the percentage of users who lie on their Facebook profiles?  It’s double.  Facebook user’s lie about 25% of the time on their profile, so your chances of being accurately matched to a user based on their Facebook data is more than twice as likely than being accurately matched to a user of traditional online dating sites.

Then you have sites like Match and PlentyofFish that begin to show you matches with literally no data at all…I don’t fully know what all of your intentions are with using online dating, but we’re not building an application to go shopping at a meat market.  We’re building a site that best mirror’s how dating is done “offline” and bringing that experience “online” with real users, real connections, and real experiences. 

Wanna help us build Loveopolis?  Go to Data.Loveopolis.com and connect your Facebook account to help us build the most intelligent and badass social matching system you’ve ever seen…or never seen, they’re usually top-secret!  It’s 100% Private and we will never post your information to Facebook.  

Request an invite to our private beta at Loveopolis.com

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What We’ve Been Up To

By: @JesseEps

“Loveopolis was created to help people meet and connect online. We found that there wasn’t a way to give people an interactive and social experience when it came to finding ‘the one’…so we decided to build one.”

- Jesse Epstein, Founder & CEO

The idea for Loveopolis began nearly 3 years ago when my wife and I were driving home from her family’s house, more than a 7-hour drive. In it’s earliest infancy it seemed like the simple idea of allowing your best friends and family to help you decide who you should connect with would change the world of online dating. Fast forward 3 years, 3 development teams, 8 people coming and going, a complete framework and architecture re-write, database migration and many more wild ups-and-downs…our amazing team of 4 is nearing our launch of our private beta and we couldn’t be more pumped with the way things are shaping up. We think you’ll love it!

We’re wrapping up our full-fledged Facebook integration and beginning the front-end build of the profile. You’ll be welcomed with a seamless Facebook integration, which will guide you directly into your profile where you can connect with friends and meet your matches all with an elegantly and thoughtful design.

Request an invite to our private beta at Loveopolis.com

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